Hobie’s Retelling by Carmen Mowrey

Retelling is when one attempts to recall events for other listeners, possibly exaggerating certain points of the story or creating falsehoods either consciously or accidentally. It often occurs when witnesses to a crime are asked to recall what/who they saw. Sometimes the witness may recall that the criminal was wearing a black suit and tie, when in reality he was wearing a black t-shirt. This can be very misleading in court cases especially if there is a lack of physical evidence.

My example of retelling is found in the movie Sasquatch Gang. This clip shows one of the main characters, Hobie, retelling the events of the week to his diary.

The Sasquatch Gang Chapter 6 – YouTube.

Although you may not realize how much Hobie exaggerated the events he described because I could not find a clip that showed the actual events, he is retelling how events played out in his mind. In real life, his friends did not refer to his weight or say “fat people suck,” but it appears that he is very sensitive about his weight because that is what he remembers them saying. Therefore, Hobie records what he remembers from the events in his diary, even though they are inaccurate.

  1. #1 by patrickhenryoconnell on June 7, 2012 - 6:12 PM

    Patrick checking in here. I’ve never heard of this before, seems like a funny show. I think it’s interesting how writing in a journal can lead to horrendous retelling. One time a girl was reading from her journal (while I was there) about a date we had gone on years before in high school. As far as I could remember, the event was about half fabricated with her exaggerations of my attitude, which she had not understood. I think that may be similar to this case. Hobie seems pretty inept in social venues, and maybe his misunderstanding of others social cues contributes to his completely inaccurate retelling.

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