“Influences: Minority Stamina and Money” by Ryan Turner

Minority influence refers to the impact that a relatively small group of people has on a larger group in making a decision of some sort.  Phrases such as, “majority rules,” or “join the crowd” lose their appeal and validity when the minority sticks together and adamantly endures peddling on an uphill course in fighting the majority influence.  The minority, whether consisting of a group of 100 people or a single individual, is most likely to gain power over the majority when it remains consistent, persistent, and self-confident.

In the movie, You’ve Got Mail, a counter example of the success of minority influence is shown in the conflict between two bookstores.  One of the bookstores – The Shop Around the Corner – is a small, family-run business while the other – Fox Books – is a new enterprise run by wealthy businessmen.  The dilemma is that the very presence of Fox Books – ironically just around the corner from The Shop Around the Corner – threatens the business and customer retention of the smaller store.  To combat this threat, The Shop Around the Corner gathers followers together in rallies and organizes strike marches around Fox Books, all the while consistently and persistently fighting and even believing in their ability to succeed.  The Shop Around the Corner, however, fails to keep their company going and eventually gets run out of business.  Given their consistency, persistency, and self-confidence, why did they not succeed?  My simple observation of the matter tells me that they were lacking one vital feature – money.

Therefore, although minority groups can exert their influence over the majority’s with sufficient stamina and conviction, in the business arena, an extra characteristic is needed.  Not only need the minority possess consistency, persistency in effort, and self-confidence, but also the adequate cash flow.  In other words, moola!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVlaur-kEds&feature=related 0:00 – 1:35 (You’ve Got Mail)

This is the best clip I could find, sorry.

  1. #1 by samuelsalik on June 7, 2012 - 11:38 PM

    Dude… good job explaining this phenomenon! I agree that money indeed helps in getting the minority group to overcome the majority. But I believe persistence is still the biggest factor in this spectrum. If you are familiar with the series 30 Rock, is it inspiring to see Kenneth (NBC’s page employee) going on strike against the VP of the company Jack Donaughy. After several days of caos and confusion for lack of services in the Pages end, Jack finally had to accept Ken’s condition and step back. Therefore, this and many other examples of persistence can demonstrate how money isn’t still the most significant factor on minority prevailing.

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