“Lies become Truth” by Samuel Ramos

I would like to talk about retelling. Basically, this tendency occurs whenever we retell a experience we might have had or a story we heard from someone else differently than the original event. Often times, we exaggerate to make it more believable or dramatic. That way, we get more attention and seem more interesting in the view of other people. Although, this also might happen unintentionally. In several studies, researchers found that people most of the time never accurately describe a past event in the same way after telling these stories over time. 

I fall into this trap sometimes, maybe for lack of confidence or simply to feel socially accepted, I’ve shared past experiences with added drama to get more attention from my friends and also to be seen as a funnier person than I actually am. I catch my wife doing the same thing as I hear her telling her arm injury story to friends. frequently I would I think, “my goodness, she didn’t really suffer that much”. On the other hand, I’ve already noticed that… I do the same thing! 

Finally, I honestly believe that life as it is, doesn’t produce that many fascinating and exciting story telling events to be shared around our social cycle. That’s when we thrown our own twist to it and make it sound nicer than it actually was. Now, although there are experiences that can cause people to like them, we perhaps want to ensure that others will really like the story we are telling them by putting together out own little version of what happened. 

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