Personal Space by Catherine Dodart

Personal Space is the area around us that we like to keep between ourselves and others.

Many people begin to feel extremely uncomfortable if they feel others begin to invade this personal space. There is a social norm that many Americans will stick to themselves and try not to breach this area of personal space, unless extremely familiar with the person. We keep space on buses, at restaurants, at parks, and even movies. Some distance can also vary, for example adults favor personal space much more than children would. Men also keep more distance from each other than women do and in some cultures personal space doesn’t really apply. People will hug and even kiss some people they don’t know. I have tried sitting near someone I don’t know before and watching them start to be uncomfortable and wonder what I’m doing begins to make me feel awkward and unsure.

  1. #1 by peacepirate on June 7, 2012 - 10:09 PM

    Personal space is an interesting topic to me, and one I have thought about a lot. Though you have given nice example and instances above, I think an interesting area to be explored would be the ‘why?’ of personal space. In many other cultures, personal space is far less, and there must obviously be a reason for this difference. Why do Americans, males, or adults like to keep their space? Is it biological? Practical? Learned? It is an interesting topic that I would like to explore more.

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