Retelling in Pajama Gladiator-Ian Hawkes

Retelling is when someone recounts an experience that happened to them or they have witnessed. It was noticed that when individuals  retell a personal experience, they often fabricate or exaggerate, and as they retell it these fabrications are accepted by the individual as truths. Thus, as the story is recounted again and again it becomes more exaggerated, and these exaggerations seem more and more reasonable.

Another phenomenon of re-telling is that the ‘teller’ will often bias their story to sound more favorable depending on who they are addressing. This behavior is seen in the BYU Animation short film Pajama Gladiator. When he is caught trying to steal cookies from on top of the fridge, he begins to recount the situation to his mom. Because he knows his mother will be angry if she discovers he was trying to sneak cookies, he decides to bias his retelling, making up an elaborate story about alien abductions. As he continues with the story, he becomes more and more convinced of its authenticity. These are classic symptoms of retelling.

  1. #1 by btobiasson on June 7, 2012 - 10:12 PM

    So true! I’m pretty sure in the re-telling of some of my stories I was trying to think of how it actually happened, couldn’t exactly remember and thought “aw, close enough” and just went on with the story and then accepted the “close enough” as “that’s exactly what happened” later on.

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