Social Norm Violation By Catherine Dodart

I currently work at a call center and am constantly surrounded by people I don’t know. I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to go against the social norm. Everyday you sit in a different cubicle and talk on the phones while in between calls you can talk to friends or those you sit by. While sitting down one day I decided that I would wait for two people to begin to have a conversation and then I would just instantly jump in like I had been part of it. Nobody likes to be interrupted but I figured it would be even better if it were people I didn’t know that I was trying to strike up a conversation with. It didn’t take long for a guy and a girl near me to strike up a conversation. I waited until they were talking about something serious and then I put in my two cents, like I had known what they were talking about. At first they kind of let it go and just gave me a strange look like, “Who asked for your opinion?” After a few times of chiming in they finally started to kind of tune me out and eventually kept their talking to a minimum. At first it was hard not to laugh and explain what I was doing but I did start to feel extremely uncomfortable when I knew that they were getting irritated with me, Goes to show that social norms do exist and it can be extremely awkward when you break them!


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