“Studying in the Elevator” by Ryan Turner

The elevator is a modern invention designed to quickly and efficiently transport people from one floor to another within a physical structure such as a building.  Any other purpose, besides that of transportation, is basically non-existent.  However, as I sat pondering on the blessed creation that the elevator is to us in this modern day, I began thinking of other uses it might have for the general public.  After some consideration as to the extent of its utility, I resolved to using it as a study hall.

As I walked into the HFAC (Harris Fine Arts Center), I headed to the north elevator and, finding it empty, I stepped inside, sat down, pulled out my laptop and other studying materials, and began to…well…study.  Ah, but wait!  My headphones!  I promptly took these out as well, and made myself more comfortable on the elevator’s cushy floor.  As other people got on and off, although I did not look directly at them, I most certainly noticed that they noticed me seated on the elevator’s floor.  One certain fellow stepped on at the second floor with his cello and rode with me up to the fifth floor, all the while half looking at me and half staring at the ceiling, so as to distract himself from the awkwardness of my presence.

Overall, the experience of sitting on the floor of the northern HFAC elevator was, especially at first, embarrassing and uncomfortable, but after some 25 minutes, I felt right at home.  I especially enjoyed the young man that couldn’t quite keep from noticing my being there.  Perhaps the best part of all, however – I finally got some good quality studying done!

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