Breaking Social Norms-Amy Jennings

At the very beginning of the semester, my friends and I went to the mall and just started talking with random people. Making conversation out of the blue is not exactly something people expect. Each time, as we walked toward them, they would begin to stare. “What is she doing?” was the question in their eyes. I felt a little bit uncomfortable, especially at first. Their stares clearly said “STAY BACK” but I approached anyways and just started talking. It was amazing how some people didn’t really know what to say but others just jumped right into a conversation and we talked for a while. One woman and her elderly mother wouldn’t let us leave! They just wanted to talk and talk. The norm we violated was to only converse with people you know or the people you are with. We violated it by, well, talking to complete strangers. I was surprised at how much easier it got, and by the end of the night, it felt almost natural.

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