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Retelling by Cheri Hiatt

Retelling is when someone recounts a story, but change the facts of it, often through exaggeration.

example: I couldn’t find a clip of it, but in the movie Holes, Stanley writes home telling his mom how wonderful camp green lake is and how much he is loving it, when in reality it is nothing like what he describes.

conclusion: As Stanley changes his story about the events at camp green lake in his letter, he is displaying retelling.



Social Norm Violation by Cheri Hiatt

People take refuge in their shopping trips. It is a time to be focused solely on the task at hand as well as the few people that might be in your company. There is a strong norm where you do not interact with other shoppers. We even go so far as to avoid eye contact of others and in essence ignore their existence entirely.

So naturally, I had to break this norm. While on a shopping trip at City Creek, I spent some quality time dancing all around others that were shopping and breaching their personal space. Some people tried to ignore me while others weren’t quite sure how to act. As some people made eye contact with their friends they were with and gestured with a head nod over to me, I felt slightly awkward and stupid, which is a rare feeling for me. A few people appeared to be unphased, but the majority of shoppers were visibly uncomfortable.

Doing this made it clear to me how strongly people abide by different social norms.


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Social Comparison by Cheri Hiatt

Misinformation Effect is when a memory is recalled and influenced in a way that tampers with the memory, after which the new and impure version of the memory is retained.

An example of this can be seen through young kids. If a fight occurs between two children, they may be questioned by their parents. If the parents ask one of the kids if a particular action happens, they child might integrate this action into the memory while recalling it, thus changing the memory and affecting the reliability of their witness.

Conclusion: As can be seen, situations like this can exhibit misinformation effect as memories and blurred and incorrect information is assumed to be right.

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Complementarity by Cheri Hiatt

Complementarity is when one has the feeling that they are completed by someone else and that they together form a whole.


Dr. Evil, was upset when his son Scott didn’t have the traits he wanted him to have or complement him like he had wished for, but mini me filled in all the gaps he was aching for and made him feel completed.

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Altruism by Cheri Hiatt

Altruism is the selfless act of doing good without expecting anything in return.


Harry Potter faces Voldemort knowing fully that he will die. He is under the impression that not only will he not experience anything in return for his sacrifice, but that he will be faced with death. Despite this knowledge, he knows that he must be killed by Voldemort in order for Voldemort to be defeated, so he altruistically presents himself to be killed.

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Catharsis Hypothesis by Cheri Hiatt

Catharsis is a proposed method for relieving aggression where someone takes their anger out on an indirect object or person that is not the true source of the aggression. This method, however, has been shown to build aggression rather than reduce it.


As this clip illustrates, the lead character is angry because he was blamed for the death of his father who was killed while driving drunk. As a result of this anger, he beats up some men in the car behind him after they triggered the release of his aggression. Ordinarily their actions would most likely not have resulted in a physical fight, but because he was angry at something else, he used this opportunity to manifest his aggression. However, the end of the fight, he still appears to be steaming and angry, showing that his cathartic methods were unsuccessful.

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Racism by Cheri Hiatt

Racism is when someone has negative thoughts, discriminates against, and acts differently towards a particular race.


As this clip demonstrates, Michael Scott is behaving in a racist manner as he is expressing negative stereotypes about Indians. Even if he meant it to be done in a joking manner, he still displayed discriminatory behavior towards Kelly because of her race, thus demonstrating racism.

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