Social Norm Violated- Christine Sellers

My social norm violation was actually something I did on accident. I had just gotten done with a photoshoot and I needed to pick something up from the store…so instead of going home and showering, I went with the same hair and make-up I had on for the shoot.

No joke, it looked something like this…. except with WAY more lipstick and HUGE fake eyelashes. Yikes.

Picture this make-up, only 10X more of it.


So I stroll into the store not really thinking anything of it, until I get stared at. A whole lot. Then I realized that people probably legitimately thought I did my hair and makeup like that since my outfit was completely normal. My favorite kinds of stares are the ones you get from two people mid-conversation who stop what they’re saying just to look at you, but try to do it in a very discreet manner. This one guy did a quadruple-take. Man, did that make me feel good!

Breaking this norm violation at Smith’s in Provo was an awesome experience. It made me realize that we can be caught off guard by someone who doesn’t look a certain way SO easily. Something as small as hair and make-up caused a scene! I am so aware of how I look at others, now. Allow others to embrace their individuality.

Not going to lie, it was pretty entertaining to see the reactions, though. I’m so glad I accidentally stepped into this situation.

  1. #1 by samuelsalik on June 7, 2012 - 11:47 PM

    Cristine, this reminded when I was in 9th grade. Me and buddy Erick were walking around town and Erick suggested he wear the scream movie mask and enter convenience stores acting normally and talking to employees pretending to ask for information about products. The result was fantastic. Although I didn’t wear that mask, it was funny to see him interact with the staff of the store. Everyone was laughing at him and couldn’t believe he was acting seriously with everyone. I know this was random but the point is, I admire your courage to go to smiths all dressed up and covered in make up (although it was an accident). You had attitude while in there and didn’t feel abnormal in midst of all these normal people. Good job!!

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